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Anglers Lodge was originally a humble kiwi farm, before being transformed into what it is today.

Prior to becoming the lodge, after settlement of the area the property was originally operated as a farm, in the early 1970’s with a lot of hard work it transitioned into a campground and accommodation. This was the beginning of Anglers Lodge.

The original farmhouse became main office – and although one end was removed to make way for the main managers house onsite – this is still our current office and games room area.

Over the years, construction of the motel units, ablution blocks, swimming pool, spa, BBQ area and tennis courts took place. Over the years, various owners haveput injected their energy and own spin on turning the lodge into what it is now– the iconic Anglers Lodge.

Many generations of Anglers guests continue to stay with us and the Lodge still holds their Iconic Easter Fishing every year.

The earlier days
Original lodge & retaining walls going up
Pool being constructed