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Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions below apply to your stay and accommodation at Anglers Lodge 2020 Ltd referred to in this document as Anglers Lodge. They must be carefully read and understood. 

a) The person named on the booking invoice is the person liable. You must have read and understood the terms and conditions and by paying the deposit, a binding contract exists. By making the payment you will be deemed to have accepted our terms and conditions within in our Park Setting.
b) You are responsible for all members within your group.
c) Requesting of specific sites/rooms numbers or areas is allowed but never guaranteed or confirmed until check-in time. We will try our best to accommodate these requests where we can but not always possible with other bookings for same categories requiring your booking to be moved around in our system.

a) All rates are GST (15%) inclusive and are in New Zealand dollars. 
b) Deposits for reservations need to be paid within 3 days of reservation being made. If this is not received, we reserve the right to cancel all bookings. Bookings are unsecured until the agree deposit amount has been received. 
c) Payment Methods - Please contact us to discuss any alternative payment method not listed below. 

i) BANK TRANSFER In order to identify the payment, please include the following Booking Res and Surname.
Anglers Lodge 2020 Limited -  PLEASE NOTE THESE CHANGED IN 2020
ANZ – Hamilton
06 – 0103 -0781671-00 CREDIT

1) A credit card surcharge maybe applicable to all credit card payments.
2) Approved credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD
3) When booking online you will pay your deposit directly via an online booking and secure Payment. You can pay any additional amount outstanding at any time once you have a confirmed booking using our Guest Portal sent with your confirmation.
4) Payment can be processed over the phone - please do not email your credit card details to us.

1)Can be done in our office. A receipt will be given at the time.

d) During Peak Periods (20th December to 10th February) and over Public Holidays/Long Weekends, we may request payment in full 28 days prior to check in to secure booking – please remember our cancellation policy below will be effective.
All other times your account is to be paid in full at time of check in, if not settled beforehand.

a) If you have to cancel your booking or defer your booking, this must be done via email to us.
b) Cancellation terms will be effective the day it is received by us.
c) All cancellations will be subject to a Cancellation and Administration fee of $25.00.
d) The following cancellation policies apply to booking directly with us.
i) Cancellation given less than 7 days notice from arrival date
- Zero refund of any payments made on your account.
- No option for account credit to be used at a future date.
ii) Cancellation given 8 days to 20 days notice from arrival date
- Any payments made on your account 50 % refunded, less the above cancellation and administration fee to your account/payment method. OR
- Any payment on your account is held as an Account Credit to be used within 12-months of cancellation time. A cancellation and administration fee will still apply.
iii) Cancellation given 21 days’ notice or more from arrival date
- Any payments made on your account refunded, less the above cancellation and administration fee. OR
- Any payment on your account is held as an Account Credit to be used within 12-months of cancellation time. A cancellation and administration fee will still apply.
e) Some bookings via 3rd party agents (i.e. Booking.com, Expedia, iSites) or Special Promotions may have their own overruling cancellation policy detailed at booking time. These may override our policy. 
f) At any time, we reserve the right to make any changes to or cancel your accommodation if we deem it necessary. These may be caused by but are not limited to technical problems, behavioural problems or damage to units/cabins. If we must cancel your stay, we have the right to charge for the full time booked.
g) No discount on total amount of accommodation if you choose to depart early during your stay.
h) No show and no contact – we have the right to charge for the full stay.
i) No credit or reduction in cost will be applied to your reservation due to bad weather - this is out of our control.

a) If you want to book an event such as wedding, fishing competition or other group activities – please advise us at the time of the booking. Please call or e-mail office to make an enquiry.
b) Our Group Booking Conditions may apply to your booking.

a) Guests Ages: Infant is 0 – 23 months old / Child age is 24 month old to 14 years old / Adults are 15 years and over.
b) Standard Check in time is between 2pm – 7 pm – late arrivals can be arranged at no extra charge for an unmanned arrival. During peak times – check in time is extended to 3pm-7pm on all roofed accommodation. 
c) Check-out time: Before 10am on day of departure.
d) Early check ins and later departures may be discussed prior to arrival, charges may apply.
e) Gate Pin Code will be issued on arrival. It is important that children do not use the code and that you do not disclose your code to others.
f) Extra Guests on Sites/Units/Cabins - all people on site must be registered and accounted for on the booking check in. Complying with our health and safety standards means no sub-letting. Any alteration to the number of guests requires management’s approval and will incur additional charges. If management becomes aware of any form of sub-letting, you may be asked to leave.
g) No extras or fluctuation of non-registered guests at all peak times.

DAMAGE TO OUR UNITS, CABINS, COMMUNAL AREAS OR PROPERTY The customer on the booking invoice is liable to pay costs, as determined by Anglers Lodge for any accidental or deliberate damage, caused by you/someone in your party or any visitors of yours. A cleaning fee of minimum $200 applies if we are unable to rent out the unit/cabin due to damage or extra cleaning. Absolutely no smoking inside or near open windows/doors of cabins/units or where signage is displayed. If Objects are removed/stolen from the cabins/units/lodge, we will directly act and charge the amount determined by us, from the registered credit card.

a) Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy is intended to give you confidence in the privacy and security of the personal information we obtain from you. All information collected from you, by us, will remain private and confidential to Anglers Lodge 2020 Ltd. 
b) We can use your personal information to allow us to provide our accommodation, send out newsletters and to improve the services we offer. We may occasionally carry out market research and send you details of exclusive Anglers Lodge 2020 Ltd offers we think may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such information, please email Anglers office info@anglers.co.nz or, alternatively, when we send you an email it will contain a provision for you to opt out of receiving any further information from us. 
c) We may provide information about you to Anglers Lodge staff in order to provide a good stay and service for you. We will not disclose your personal information to any third party unless you have consented to such disclosure or where law requires us to. Should you breach our Terms and Conditions or if we are under a duty to disclose or share your personal data in order to comply with any legal obligation, we may disclose your information to a relevant authority. This may include exchanging information with other companies and organizations for the purpose of fraud protection and credit risk reduction. Any disclosure of personal information will be strictly controlled and made fully in accordance with New Zealand law.

a) Not withstanding anything else expressed or implied in these Terms and Conditions and except where a statute requires otherwise, Anglers Lodge 2020 Ltd and its contractors shall not be liable whether in contract, tort or otherwise for: 
i) The death of, or any injury to, a person or persons. 
ii) Damage to property.
iii) Any direct, indirect, consequential, financial or economic loss, or damage to property, arising out of any act or omission of Anglers Lodge Ltd or its contractors.

Holiday Park Rules: 

Alcohol We are a family holiday park and we will NOT accept any excessive drinking. Responsible drinking at all times, applies to our charter boat service, lodge and accommodation. We reserve the right to charge fees or prohibit people returning to the lodge/charter if an unreasonable amount of alcohol is consumed or people become unruly or uncooperative. Anglers Lodge is focussed on providing an environment that is family friendly. As such we ask that if you have alcohol you keep it to the confines of your site. Alcoholic beverages must not be consumed while moving around the grounds, in or around camp communal buildings (except where stated in iii below) or to be stored in communal camp fridges. Drunken or unruly behaviour will result in your eviction from the camp with no refund. No underage drinking allowed. Permitted on guest sites/units and within the dining room and BBQ areas only, and will not be tolerated around the grounds or in other communal buildings. Excessive drinking and parties are forbidden. 

BBQs: We have a complete fire ban over summer including fireworks, flares, charcoal BBQs and the like. Gas BBQs are allowed on grass areas but not on units - please use communal BBQ areas provided. 

Behaviour:  Anglers Lodge does not accept abuse in any form aimed at our staff members and/or patrons. If you are found to be abusing our staff members or patrons, we reserve the right to have you immediately removed from the premises without any reimbursement or accommodation costs. Management accepts no responsibility for any additional accommodation’s costs incurred due to an eviction from our premises for not adhering to our park rules. 

: Are to be stored in allocated boat storage/parking areas for safety reasons. Please advise staff so we can advise you where they are to be allocated during your stay.

Children in the Park: Parents will be held responsible for the actions of all children included in their booking and are always expected to keep them supervised.

Children at Night-Time: Parental control is expected. Due to the increasing problem of children roaming the grounds at night and disturbing other guests, management has imposed a 9pm curfew. This means that children will be told to return to their site/unit if found roaming or congregating in the park grounds after this time. All bikes/scooters & toys must be away at nightfall.  

Cyclists: Must wear bike helmets. As a safety measure, cycles are not to be ridden after sunset. They must not be ridden in front of the main facility block or by the sensors on the main gate.

Fireworks: Fireworks are not permitted within the park at any time of the year.  Note: we have a total fire ban on the peninsula during summer.

Fuel: No fuel is to be stored on sites under any circumstances this is for health & safety purposesPlease discuss with management at the time your reservation is made where fuel can be sorted.

Parking: Vehicles to be parked within your own site only - not on driveways or neighbours’ site. One vehicle or boat per site/cabin/unit during peak season. Extra parking maybe available during this period. Please advise us before your arrival to make arrangements for boat/trailer storage. If parked on other sites a warning may be issued and if warning ignored a tariff will be applied for site that you are parked on. 

Pets: With managers prior approval pets are welcome on camp sites only outside of the 20th December thru 10th February and public holidays/long weekends. One pet per site please.  Dogs are required to be wearing a collar and their council tags showing current proof of registration.  All pets must be leashed at all times, you must clean up after them and they are not to be a disturbance to other guests.  No animals in the kitchen or in/around buildings including accommodation.  No pet to be left unattended in the park at any time. Having pets sleeping in the car if you have booked a unit or cabin is not allowed.   Management reserve the right to choose a site in a quieter/less foot traffic area of the park when a pet is travelling with a guest.

Playground: Closed at dusk. Young children must be supervised. Playground rules must be adhered to at all times. In fairness to guests near the playground area, no congregating is allowed in the playground area after dusk. No children on Jumping pillow before 8am this can be disturbing to other guests.

Quiet/Noise/Conduct: We are a family-based Park, please be thoughtful of your fellow guests at all times. Complete quietness between the hours of 10pm and 7.00 am is strictly enforced. The management reserve the right to cancel tenancy at any time of any person or group, who in the opinion of the management, behave in an objectionable manner or contravene the Park rules. There will be no refund of fees paid. Loud swearing or bad language will not be tolerated. No music, loud voices etc. If your voice can be heard two sites away your too loud for the park.

Speed in the Park GroundS: 5-kmph Walking pace only for cars, bikes and scooters. Our roads are a ‘Shared Zone’ for all pedestrians, bikes and vehicles. Watch for children at all times. 

Scooters/Electric Toys: Safety and consideration to other guests is critical when riding Scooters/Electric Toys within the park grounds. These must not be ridden down the hill or in front of the main facility block, or within communal areas. Parents are responsible for children’s safety and wellbeing. All children must follow road rules within the park. As a safety measure, scooters are not to be ridden in the park once the park lights come on

Smoking: We have a non-smoking policy in all our accommodation units, pool area, communal buildings and outside the main kitchen block at the dining/BBQ area. Please be respectful of other guests around you within close proximity. Smoking in the units will incur a minimum $200 charge

Visitors: Please advise if you are expecting visitors. A charge may apply. If not paid by them will be your responsibility. Visitors to leave the premise by 9 PM and may not enter the property after this. Please see reception for visitors pass. Use of facilities is prioritised to guests stay with us.

Frequently asked questions

We will try answer some common questions!

What are the check-in and check-out times for the lodge?

Standard Check-in time is from 2pm - late
Standard Check-out time is by 10am

If you wish to have a late check-out or early check-in this maybe available based on other bookings for an additional charge.

Can I bring my pets?

We are pet friendly on campsites only, with managers approval, outside of peak season dates detailed below and we must know at the time of booking so we can allocate you on the correct site.

Current Peak Season Dates for Blockout of pets: 
- 18th December to 8th February
- All Long Weekends

Sorry we don't allow pets to be left in the car for unit or cabins bookings.

What are your Bookings Terms and Conditions?

All DIRECT bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions here -

If you booked via 3rd party - you may have a cancellation policy through them.

How can I cancel my booking?

All bookings cancellations must be done in writing - the relevant cancellation policy is actioned at the time of booking. Please familiarise yourself with your booking terms.

Do you allow change of mind bookings?

In most cases - no - please refer to your booking terms and conditions, or if booking hold off booking until closer to the time..

What is your deposit requirements?

For direct bookings in the future, we usually only ask for first night down as a deposit to confirm the booking.

If you book closer to the arrival date you maybe asked for a higher deposit.

How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?

You will get a confirmation when payment of deposit is made.

Where do I get the best price?

Booking directly with us you will get the best price!

Avoid booking by third parties as a lot of these companies commissions go off-shore!

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